Momentum: Getting It & Keeping It


The excitement that comes when things click on an individual and business level is indescribable. There are plenty of customers, tons of leads flowing and customers saying, “let’s do the deal!” We, in the business world, like to refer to that as “good times.”

By definition, momentum cannot be achieved without motion. To put things in motion, a foundation must be laid first. So, let’s fire up the cement mixer and start pouring.

Identify one idea, process or strategy that must be changed: One reason many of us never get around to changing things is that the challenges appear too great and we don’t know where to begin. If you start with one item at a time, you can significantly increase your chances of making a complete change. When I take on a turnaround project at a business, I use this same strategy. The little changes add up, and the snowball effect begins to create momentum.

Ask a respected colleague how they do things: The ego can be a dangerous thing. Unwillingness to seek advice keeps some really talented people from getting to the next level. If you are the top guy at your organization, make it your responsibility to mentor a new professional. If you’re looking for answers, seek out people who are operating at the level to which you aspire. Come up with some intelligent questions, track them down and ask away. This is how you’ll become a better employee, manager, or business owner.

Put a new issue on the table: Sometimes the breakthrough comes from the things you don’t see or think about normally, like an untouchable process, employee, vendor or ritual. Don’t be afraid to kill those sacred cows!

Re-establish your goals: Goals can be determined by many people like a boss or franchisor, but you should always have a set of personal goals. Don’t be afraid to adjust your goals. … and I don’t mean lower. Instead, recommit yourself and, while you’re at it, think even bigger!

Review your ‘Why’: What’s the mission? Why are you doing what you’re doing the way you’re doing it? We can forget about the spiritual awakening for now and just keep this idea focused on your career.

Rally the troopsIf you are in management, get everyone involved by spreading the word about fresh ideas, new goals, and a renewed approach. Leverage energy and these new ideas to accelerate momentum. If you are flying solo, tell someone about your new changes and the new outcomes you are going to attain. Tell a co-worker, tweet about it or tell all your Facebook friends — and be accountable.

Start taking positive action: “Action” is a word that’s often referenced but rarely realized, usually because it involves work. Business guru Jim Rohn once said, “What is easy to do is also easy not to do.” In a sense, this makes doing nothing a form of action; it’s just the wrong kind. Among the many nuggets of wisdom that were imparted to me by my barber as a teenager, the phrase “Don’t talk about it, be about it,” was one of the greatest.

The truth is, we need momentum. It calls for energy, drives belief in things to come and can make people fearless. It can drive you to make that extra call, take that extra step, and refuse to give up! Momentum keeps the competitive spirit alive!. You need it, I need it and in business, we must have it to dominate.

The path to the next level requires creative thinking, the courage to change and the courage to try something you’ve never done before. The spirit of business is alive and is ready to reward those willing to step up to the plate and get it done. I challenge myself every day and now I will challenge you!