Modifying your dealership’s sales approach through COVID-19

Over the last six months, David Lewis has talked with hundreds of dealership personnel. The majority seem to be in agreement that the changes currently being made to the sales process will be around for a long time. On this edition of Straight Talk, our host, David Lewis discusses how the COVID-19 pandemic has compelled dealers to change their sales process and strategy. From his perspective, Lewis believes that a lot of the changes are positive and should be adopted by all dealerships.

Lewis’ method of selling has always been about inspiration, not high pressure. He believes that by lowering a customer’s defensive posture, there is a greater chance of making a sale with a higher grosser profit.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Lewis has put a greater emphasis on the use of video in his training. With a live feed or recorded message, dealers can give them customers a safe buying environment. While he believes that there will always be customers that want to come into the dealership, the way they begin their shopping process has changed dramatically.

Lewis also introduces a new segment to Straight Talk based on excerpts from his best-selling book, Winners and Losers. According to Lewis, winners are people who are successful and achieve their goals. On the other hand, losers fail to reach their full potential and capabilities. Winners say if it is to be it is up to me, but losers days it is what it is. Our minds have the power to shape our destiny if we determine what we want. Lewis says you are not created to fail.

David Lewis is one of the most respected automotive sales trainers in the country. For nearly 35 years, David Lewis and Associates has been working with all members of the dealership including general managers, F&I managers, salespeople, and many more to improve the quality and effectiveness of their team’s automotive selling performance. If you would like a free copy of any of David’s books, including Understanding Your Customer and The Secrets of Inspirational Selling, feel free to email him at

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