Mobile Marketing Opportunities For Auto Dealerships

mobile marketing

As it nears the end of 2017, the average age of kids getting their first phone is ten years old. Though radio marketing is still around with apps like Pandora, Spotify, and iHeartRadio, radio commercials are either non-existent or ignored. Some of the best ways to get your name out there are to be physically present on billboards, radio, and television. Timing is key.

Putting an ad geared towards younger generations on television to air during the nightly news is likely to miss its mark. The same goes for a radio ad during a morning commute. Billboards are one of the only forms of advertising that have not been obliterated with new technology. So, putting a billboard ad on a highway section that typically backs up with traffic is quite clever.

Unfortunately for businesses and parents alike, one cannot skirt the issue of everything being mobile.

So where can an automotive dealer get good advertising?

  • If you are familiar with something called ‘the Internet’, then it is a no-brainer that a website is a must-have. These days, people shop for cars in advance. So, they are likely to know more than the sales staff about what they want to drive off the lot in.

It’s important to have the prices listed and to be transparent about costs that may be associated with any repairs. If someone is having a twenty dollar part replaced and the labor is two hundred dollars, that is a piece of information a customer needs to have prior to work starting. If you omit such details, it won’t bode well for your relationship with your customers.

  • Get to the top of the list on search engines. There is a widespread misconception that being ranked number one on Google is the sign of a successful business. More cautious consumers want one that appears several times on a search.

Being number one is great and all, but those spots can be purchased and consumers want something authentic. Remember, consumers are getting smarter and smarter with their purchases and their research. They don’t want to be tricked by a company, rather they want to start a long time relationship with you.

  • In the interest of authenticity, ask your customers to do a review of your dealership. This does not mean asking them to give your dealership five stars across the board. Other consumers will be able to smell something fishy if you only have constant five stars without any proof behind it. Ask them while they are at the dealership to let you know if they have a problem so that maybe you will not find out on the internet that the customer was dissatisfied. If you can fix it before they leave, you will get the stars.

  • Remember that cars are a huge investment. A person who buys a car will likely be with the vehicle for at least the first three years or possibly five depending on the length of their loan. A happy customer is an excellent advertisement method on its own.

So, how can you keep them coming back for more? There are various small and big changes that you can make within your business to make it great for your consumers.

  • Leases are great for repeat business because when a lease ends, they have to come back and either buy the vehicle or drive home in a brand new one.

  • If someone comes in looking to test drive a particular car that has been advertised, make sure that vehicle is the one that they see. The chances are that the sale has already been done for you. A pushy staff may cause more harm than good in those cases, which might result in a loss of future revenue with them even if they do purchase that day.

  • Used vehicles make buyers wary. However, when a used car is sold correctly, honestly, and the warranty holds up under scrutiny, a buyer may not only return to the dealership for maintenance, there is a good chance that they will tell a friend and even use your dealership for their next purchase.

  • Maintenance reminders are a good way to follow up with a customer to make sure that they are happy and subtly alert them to a sale going on at your dealership.

  • Asking customers if they want to receive text or email alerts for future sales or general information when they purchase a vehicle is a lasting advertisement for your dealership.

  • Asking them to do a review on Yelp, Facebook, even a shoutout on Twitter, is a great idea. This may catch someone’s attention organically.

  • And let us never forget offering incentives for referring a friend.

  • A dealership would be lost without its sales force. So, it’s important to build a good one and get them on social media. Putting out friend requests while buyers are at the dealership in the new car euphoria is another good way to make a constant connection.

  • Have them update their status with any and all dealership related news. Not all salespeople will want to do this, but encourage the ones that do.

  • Buy mobile ad space and when you advertise, do more than talk about your sales. Obviously, a year-end price reduction rebate palooza is a great way to get someone who is already looking to purchase a car into your dealership. When you are purchasing ad space and airtime, however, take into account all of the elements of your dealership.

  • If you have a parts department that specializes in Chevy trucks, put that out there.

  • If you have parts for antique vehicles, shout it from the rooftops.

Got connections? You have customers.

Making sure that all of your team members are knowledgeable may seem like a costly venture, but when people are looking to spend money on something an informed staff could make all the difference.

If a customer calls in looking for shock absorbers for a ‘96 Mustang, they are likely looking to buy shock absorbers for their ‘96 Mustang. Having a team of people set to sell new cars can turn off someone looking to replace one component. This may seem like an issue for the service department only, but one day this customer may want to buy a new car and will remember a particularly knowledgeable staff who may know whether a 2018 model is comparable in a particular area.

Knowing what works for your target market is key. Getting those advertisements out there is not free so
it is a good idea to price your options. If you are absolutely clueless as to how to get your name out there, there are many companies that can help you.

Because the automotive industry is so competitive, looking at what your competition is doing to draw in customers is a worthwhile investment of your time. Instead you should be looking at what they are not doing.

The end of the year hoopla palooza extravaganza is something that most car dealerships do. They have a backlog of last year’s models and they want them out so that next year’s models are fully recognized. Many consumers are on to this and will wait until the end of the year to take advantage of the markdowns.

Now, this is not something that needs to be changed. It works and is practical as many of the rebates come from the companies themselves and nothing really comes out of your pocket.

Having a Christmas in June (not July because everybody knows that is coming) where you knock down the price of used vehicles or parts and services allows your dealership a chance to shine in the spotlight alone. It makes you unique.

In addition to the expense of buying a vehicle or having simple maintenance work done it is a time-consuming venture. Let people know about amenities such as WiFi, cable, a children’s play area and food and beverages if you have them. If it is possible to have a shuttle service to a customer’s home or a store close by that makes the process seem less tedious.

A dealership is not a vacation spot, but if you make it a pleasant environment, people are going to be less resistant to showing up.