Minimalist marketing techniques to try at your car dealership – Paul Potratz

There is a lot of talk surrounding advertising techniques and the best way to reach consumers, especially in today’s climate. Paul Potratz, owner of Potratz Partners Advertising is taking his own unique approach, yet again, with his latest venture, Helderburg. It’s all about the restoration, customization, and experience of the Land Rover Defenders, and get this, the only advertising he is doing is through Facebook, Instagram, retargeting ads, and email.

In this segment, Potratz and anchor Jim Fitzpatrick talk about the following:

  • The inspiration behind launching Helderburg
  • The unique advertising approach Potratz is taking with marketing Helderburg?
  • How he sells trucks 100% via message on Instagram and Facebook
  • What steps a dealer can take to follow his formula of minimal advertising
  • How a business that has a lot of competition in the market be successful with this same approach
  • The difference between the number of followers you have vs. the engagement of the followers you have
  • His plans for future automotive ventures

Paul Potratz founded Potratz Partners Advertising in 2003. Since then, his agency has been helping clients like Lexus, Toyota, and Boeing Aerospace revamp their marketing and advertising strategies to increase profitability. Now with over 50 employees, Potratz Partners serves hundreds of clients in the U.S., Canada, and Denmark. Paul is also a former radio host and contributor for

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