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Mercedes-Benz has revealed its new electric EQS SUV, the automaker’s first electric SUV built in the United States. The vehicle is similar to the EQS sedan that was made available last fall and will come with similar features and technologies. Pricing information for the SUV was not provided during Tuesday’s unveiling, but the EQS sedan models start over $100,000, so it is expected that the SUV will come with a price tag over that. 

The new EQS SUV is taller than the sedan and seats seven people. It comes with a 56-inch, glass-covered surface in the front of the vehicle, which includes a screen that is visible only to passengers and two other screens that the driver can see. There will be two models of the SUV to start with, one of which will be a “580 4MATIC” model that has two high-powered motors. 

Like the sedan, the SUV will come with the option to come with an “air-freshener fragrance,” and it will also feature the latest safety technologies like Mercedes-Benz’s popular driver-assist features. 

EV buyers are typically concerned about the range that vehicles provide, but Mercedes-Benz did not provide this information this week. However, the sedan can reportedly get 350 miles on a full charge. 

A press release from the automaker said, “With the luxury EQS sedan and the sporty executive EQE sedan, Mercedes-Benz has entered a new, all-electric era in the upper market segments.” The vehicle will compete with Tesla’s Model X SUV and BMW’s iX SUV, and production is expected to start soon, with the first models being available in the U.S. late this year. 

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