What to Look for In an Automotive Marketing Agency

automotive marketing

As the digital markets continue to change, consumer habits also follow. With so much Automotive marketing agencies are there to help you analyze your regional data to find the best suitable online solutions to help you with capturing more leads.

Aside from the normal challenges that automotive companies face, such as customer service issues and minimizing team turnover, their biggest issue is getting customers through the doors initially. It’s sometimes necessary for an outside, third-party member to come and distinguish all the key strategy components for a steady flow of consumers.

Marketing should always be seen as an investment, so it shouldn’t matter the cost but rather the value that comes from it. However, before you can even start the search for an automotive marketing agency, you first need to go through a few steps.

Below, we’ve outlined some of the most important steps that you need to take before your search begins.

Define Your Expectations and Needs

Working with an agency is never, nor should it ever be an impulsive decision. Your business objectives for the agency need to be clear prior to you even beginning your search.

List Marketing Requirements

Having a clear list of what tasks would be required by the marketing agency can help push the team in the right direction. There should also be coordination between the agency and the in-house marketing team.

Capabilities included in the list could include:

  • website development
  • website design
  • website strategy
  • content creation
  • search engine optimization
  • social media marketing
  • marketing automation
  • email marketing
  • analytics
  • online advertising

Think Long Term

Rather than simply thinking of it as an external partnership, think of it more in terms of adding team members to your own company. There should be enough openness and transparency in a partnership to ensure that both sides are on the same page. This avoids miscommunication and garners the best results.

Agency Type

There are various types of marketing agencies, all of which gear their services towards specific clients. The best way to ensure that you receive the best service for your dealership is to know what sort of agency suits you best.

  • Specialized Vs. General: Some agencies specialize in one specific service, such as website design. It’s important to differentiate those from ones that offer everything to do with marketing. Digital marketing is an ever-changing field that needs to be constantly monitored and kept on top of.
  • Creative Vs. Niche: Depending on what sort of message you want to pass through your advertising, creative or niche companies could both be contenders. With an industry niche company, you’d get fast results, but they might not necessarily be an outstanding new approach. On the other hand, a creative agency might give you some ideas that would help you get noticed by the industry, though it might take them a bit longer.
  • Local Reach Vs. Global Reach: This is another factor that truly depends on your dealerships business goals. Some agencies have a vast reach that spans across the globe, but that’s no use to you if you’re a small-town dealership that wishes to remain intimate. However, differentiating between the two can help you reach further towards your business goals.

So, with all of that, how can you decide which automotive marketing agency to go for? Well, there are three main things that you need to research about every agency before you finalize your decision.

Auto Industry Experience

A marketing agency isn’t worth anything if they don’t have experience or backing from reputable sources. Though newer automotive marketing agencies may have the creative vision to set them apart from the traditional agencies, they lack the experience to offer their services to bigger dealerships.

Marketing agencies for larger dealerships should have experience in implementing the appropriate marketing strategies and producing desirable results. They should be known for communicating and solving real-world problems that are likely to occur. New and creative might have brilliant ideas, but their lack of experience might lead you to have a long wait to garner results and require a heftier budget.

Display Their Ideas Themselves

If you’re looking for a website designer, but the designer in question has a below satisfactory website – it’s unlikely that you’ll choose them. Regardless of what the agency is promising, they should also present themselves with all that they promise you. They should have an appealing website, rank high for your specific keywords and have high population social media networks.

The types of interaction between their consumers and them on those social media sites should also be kept in mind. If they are mostly positive interaction then you know that the agency keeps good relations with their clients and their promises.

Unique Packages

It’s no secret, nor is it a stretch, that every company is unique. It’s highly likely that your dealership has had previous long-term or short-term partnerships. Regardless of the outcome of those partnerships, it’s likely that you know what your needs and requirements are for what you want. Your unique business needs a unique advertising package to go along with it.

This unique package should focus on more than simply your budget. It should also cover any vital issues that you might have, including:

  • The creation of a new, or improved current, brand image for your dealership.
  • Choices of marketing strategies that would benefit your dealership depending on its current standing (i.e.  blog ranking, social media presence, and general website)
  • Creating communication platforms and marketing timelines that are specific to your dealership (i.e. platform that helps your creative progress reports, brainstorming purposes, or just to spread word to your clientele and employees)

Choosing an automotive marketing agency is not a simple task nor is it one that should be taken on an impulse. There is a vast number of agencies that promise to offer everything you need and want. However, a small fraction of those agencies can actually deliver on all that they promise. The real test is for you to thoroughly research everything that has been mentioned above to find an agency that gets you an agency that fits perfectly with your business and dealership goals.