Learn the best communication habits that every leader needs.

At the core of successful leadership and business, is great communication. How often do we say communication is key? A lot. Because it is. Having a leader who understands the principles of great communication is the difference between a successful team and one that simply goes in circles.

Here’s some principles to remember to have success as a leader at your store. Customize your communication to each employee, and be sure to actively listen. Don’t zone out or get bothered by distractions when someone else is speaking.

Let others finish before you talk- it’s important to make your employee feel like you’ve truly heard them. It’s polite and it goes a long way. Use the power of “I” statements. Communication becomes more productive when you avoid stating your thoughts as facts. Avoid “you” statements.

Pay attention to what your body’s saying. Non verbal cues sometimes speak louder than words. But when you are speaking with your team, be aware of your tone and stay away from sarcasm.

Most of the time, sarcasm builds walls and destroys strong connections. Make sure you and your team communicate clearly, and with a purpose. This is the core of growing success.