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Koeppel Auto Group launches a scholarship program to help kids save for college

The dedication of Koeppel Kares to these students' educational future exemplifies how corporations assist the success of children in their communities.

As part of the NYC Kids RISE Save for College initiative, the Koeppel Auto Group established a community scholarship program for students at P.S. 148Q, the Ruby G. Allen School in East Elmhurst, Queens, New York. 

Every new vehicle purchased at any of Koeppel’s five Queens locations, ranging from Long Island City to Jackson Heights on Northern Blvd., will result in a $20 donation. 

The kindergarten through fifth-grade students each received $26 in their NYC Scholarship Accounts thanks to Koeppel Auto Group’s initial commitment of $15,200. The announcement was made during the school’s fifth-grade graduation ceremony, and the funds are in addition to the initial $100 that NYC Kids RISE has invested in each child’s account.

According to Susan Lacher, director of Koeppel Auto Group, “We are excited to introduce the Koeppel Kares Community Scholarship, through which we will consistently support students at P.S. 148Q, The Ruby G. Allen School’s college and professional futures.” The first additional $26 in each of the NYC Scholarship Accounts of kindergarten through fifth-grade students is just the beginning of this cooperation through the NYC Kids RISE Save for College Program. 

The dedication of Koeppel Kares to these students’ educational future exemplifies how corporations assist the success of children in their communities.

P.S. 148Q students have accumulated close to $100,000 across their NYC Scholarship Accounts for their future college and career training thanks to these Community Scholarships. The initial $100 seeds investment from NYC Kids RISE rewards families for taking crucial steps like activating and viewing their child’s account.

Laura Fernandez, parent of a fifth-grade student at P.S. 148Q participating in the Save for College Program expressed, “Having a foundation to start building towards my child’s higher education provides a solid footing for her future.” She adds, “”My daughter should strive to be the best version of herself, realize her full potential, and pursue her passions. This initiative gives the younger generation a chance to achieve and improve themselves. I appreciate the community’s help and the knowledge that I’m not the only one putting money down for her future.

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Jaelyn Campbell
Jaelyn Campbell
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