Keeping Up Appearances: The Importance of Dealership Cleanliness and Comfort


Sometimes driving up sales is as simple as investing in a good pressure washer. The general appearance and cleanliness of your dealership, staff, and other client-facing elements can improve with little changes that make significant differences. 

The Dirty Truth

While it’s easy to assume that the state of your dealership bathrooms are less important than the state of the cars they’re coming to buy, customers feel otherwise. A study from Cintas in 2014 found that “94 percent of U.S. adults would avoid a business in the future if they encountered a dirty restroom.”

And it’s not just bathrooms customers take note of. Windows, floors, checkout stations, and even staff appearances all can tip the scales when selling. Most people equate tidiness with increased value. If cleanliness hasn’t been a top priority in the past, here are five changes to implement immediately. 

The Clean Fixappearance

Start from the Bottom

It’s easy to neglect the ground. You might think that the grass surrounding your dealership isn’t your responsibility, or that it’s all right if trash sometimes blows onto your property. Inside, you might believe no one will notice the footprints on the floor, or that if they do people will understand that a little dirt is unavoidable. 

These areas matter a lot, however. Your lot–and its immediate surroundings–are your first impression. Taming weeds, picking up litter regularly throughout the day and hosing down the cars and lot can increase foot-traffic. Once inside, clean floors make cars look more attractive, upping your showroom game. 

Give a Clear View

Eyes might be the window to your soul, but windows are the windows to your dealership. You need clear, clean windows. Smudge marks, dust, and dirt don’t just make it hard to see into your showroom; they also bring down the general appearance of your dealership. Make sure to schedule window cleanings regularly, and to spot clean in between so that those critical panes of glass remain pristine at all times. 

Refresh Your Restrooms

As already mentioned, bathroom cleanliness makes a tremendous impact on customers. Keeping restrooms attractive and tidy should be the number one priority.

To this end, make sure that your dealership restrooms are always functioning and stocked with toilet paper, paper towels, and soap, and that all the equipment works properly. Set up a cleaning rotation throughout the day to check on how the bathroom is holding up so that messes don’t grow. 

Head to the Cleaners

Another area often overlooked is employee cleanliness. Much as we’d rather it be different, the world at large does judge books by their covers. People are more likely to buy from someone they perceive as put-together and neat. 

Though many dealerships have a uniform or dress code, how these are maintained is less consistent. Employee dress must be professional, that their clothes are free of stains or wrinkles, and that their overall appearance is hygienic. While this may feel like a touchy subject to broach, at the end of the day, it is an essential one. 

Create Accountability and Consistency

Finally, any cleanliness steps you take must be built into the dealership routine so that things never get too out of control. It’s easy for a little mess to turn into a big mess.

Make sure your new cleanliness system is clear, creates ownership over self and appointed tasks, and is assessed regularly. There should also be a way to hold the various parties at your dealership accountable so that tasks aren’t pushed off or shirked. It may feel like a battle at times, but it’s worth it and will pay off in increased foot traffic and sales.