Jennifer Suzuki: Why taking notes isn’t just about your CRM


Sales are made by paying attention to details. Jennifer Suzuki, Founder of E-dealer Solutions strongly believes that concept and has embedded it throughout her company. E-Dealer Solutions is an award-winning education and activity based training company focused on improving dealership showed appointments, sales, and management process, offering online training, In-store training and Call coaching, for both teams and individuals.

In our interview with Jennifer, she told us how important it is that your sales employees understand the gravity in taking customer specific notes, asking the correct closed-ended questions, and building trust with every potential buyer. By mastering these tools taught in training, your team will be more informed and able to provide an excellent customer buying experience that leads to more showroom appointments.

Her Call Coaching training explains and teaches the most effective ways of communication that will convert calls to dealership visits. She stresses that when an employee at a dealership correctly records bullet points in their conversations and are able to use it at a later time, it personalizes the engagement making the potential buyer feel valued and appreciated. The best way to achieve that, she explains, is by asking the direct questions. The goal is to know who your customers are. So be direct to get the most precise information from their answers. Buyers who feel like they are listened to will continue a relationship.

E-Dealer Solutions has designed their training programs to meet the needs of any dealership. By offering online training, dealerships can navigate the tool in a way that is convenient for their team. In addition, they also provide in-store training encouraging group based activities and team bonding. Both allowing managers the ability to track progress and quiz results to keep up with everyone’s status.

By using E-Dealers Solutions sales training materials, you can build a culture within your dealerships that gains trust and profitability pushing your business to new heights.