Larry Dorfman: Find, Sell, & Deliver More Cars with this App

buying process

Technology does not have to stop when a customer is in your store. Larry Dorfman, Chairman, and CEO of EasyCare Dealer Solutions, visits the studio to discuss how Dealers can find, sell, and deliver more cars with higher gross profits and happy customers by using an App.

80% of the car buying process is spent online. In most cases, a buyer has already found what make, model, and color they want before ever shaking an employees hand. They are coming to your dealership because they want to see that certain car they found and hopefully drive it home. All an employee has to do now is show them the car. Sounds pretty easy, right? Studies say otherwise. The most common complaint among customers is how long the buying process takes. SAVY™, Digital Dealers’ winner for of the Tech Tank most innovated award is a Car Lot management and sales assistant App that provides digital real-time lot management and security for your entire innovatory.

By entering a VIN or stock number it can manage, locate, and inform your sales team about every car in your innovatory and/or on your lot. Through this technology, your team is connecting your customers with what they came there to find shaving the current time average of 30 minutes to Five. The app provides real-time data so your employees will most likely be seeing the same details that pulled your potential buyer in initially. Now, we know how this business is ever changing. A car that is there right now might not be in minutes. Larry thought of that and built in a feature that will pull similar cars to the original allowing other suggestions or even informing the buyer of a better deal they did know about. By using SAVY™, a dealer customizable app that connects customers with the Dealership and sales employees through technology- you are providing a time friendly and seamless buying and ownership experience.