CBT Automotive Newscast for December 11, 2019


Today on CBTNews.com – Wednesday, December 11th, 2019:

Jeff DykeSonic Automotive President Jeff Dyke Discusses Trends in the Auto Industry and EchoPark Expansion Plans
On today’s show, we welcome back Jeff Dyke, President of Sonic Automotive, the fifth-largest U.S. dealership group. Jim and Jeff discuss how Sonic Automotive did as a whole for 2019, what’s on the agenda for 2020, and their big plans for expanding EchoPark. Watch Now

Jeff DykeCustomers Want to Know: Can You Answer Questions about EVs?
If it hasn’t happened already, a car with a plug will show up on your lot sooner rather than later. And, while it’s true that most customers who purchase an EV or plug-in hybrid EV comes in knowing they want one, there are some customers who are curious and, maybe tempted to consider a purchase. Don’t lose that opportunity! Ask a customer about his or her level of interest and be prepared to give an “elevator speech” on the value of these cars. Read More

Jeff DykeFive Tips for a Successful Express Service Lane
Has your dealership implemented an express service lane yet? I say ‘yet’ because more than half of dealerships have experimented with, or are currently operating, express service lanes. And many manufacturers are encouraging them as a customer retention tool, recommending that dealers offer free maintenance on newly purchased vehicles. Read More


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