J.D. Power’s Doug Betts discusses the recent acquisition of Darwin Automotive and its impact on car dealers

J.D. Power has announced the acquisition of Superior Integrated Solutions/Darwin Automotive, a provider of F&I software. On today’s show, we’re pleased to welcome Doug Betts, President of Automotive for J.D. Power, to discuss how this acquisition will impact consumers and dealers.

The acquisition was inspired by J.D. Power’s desire to garner the assets that can make the auto industry operate more efficiently. Betts says it came down to identifying a company that was very strong, and that could bring a lot of value to the industry, including car dealers.

Betts adds that for car dealers, this acquisition is a big step forward. J.D. Power has been providing valuable insights for car dealers to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, as well as ways they can improve their operation. Now, J.D. Power is giving car dealers the necessary tools to do just that, says Betts.

They are looking to be a provider behind the scenes, Betts says. He thinks the future of the industry will rely on the automation of selling. He also believes J.D. Power data will power this transition because if you’re going to automate selling, you have to automate the decisions you have with the customer.

Betts says they are looking for more acquisitions but not in any particular area in the industry. He does say, they are looking for the best companies like Superior Integrated Solutions/Darwin Automotive.

Betts wraps up the conversation by discussing his outlook for the future. As far as when things will get back to ‘normal’, Betts says, he wishes he knew. He says, he doesn’t think there is an industry that can move heaven and Earth better than the automotive industry.

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