Is there a place for religion in the car business today?

On the latest episode of Straight to the Point, host Frank J. Lopes is joined by Joe Cala, vice-president of sales at Auto Dealer University and a graduate of Rhema Bible College. Lopes gets straight to the point by asking Cala– is there a place for faith and religion in the car business?

Cala says, he thinks so. Although, we’re in the car business says Cala, we’re in the people business, too. The golden rule Jesus had said, was to love one another, as he loves us. Cala says, why wouldn’t you want to apply that same rule to customers, dealers, or vendors? Cala says you have to put action from our works into motion.

Cala says his faith helped him every month in believing and trusting the Lord for provision. In a commission-based business, he had to learn in order to provide for himself and his family, he had to continue trusting the Lord.

Everyone in the auto industry has a story. God is all about finding people where they’re at. One thing Cala says, he loves about the business is, God accepts him when he makes mistakes and has used many people in the business to influence him that are believers, too. It’s all about making an impact and a difference.

A lot of times the auto industry is parallel to the things we discuss about life. For example, when you purchase a new vehicle, you fill it up with gas. Over time after significant use, the gas will go down, possibly becoming empty. When life hits, sometimes situations try you, and typically you’re running on ‘E’. Cala says people need to refill up their ‘tank’, by consuming the word of God, every day.

Cala says they are a faith-based company. Their number one purpose is to glorify God in everything they say and do. If they take care of their customers with world-class service, their incomes will take care of themselves. Cala says, if we keep God number 1, everything else will line up.

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