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Life’s not fair—here’s how to find success anyway

The phrase “life’s not fair” might not seem to be an earth-shattering idea — of course, it’s not fair. It’s one of the first...
Roger Love

Is there a place for religion in the car business today?

On the latest episode of Straight to the Point, host Frank J. Lopes is joined by Joe Cala, vice-president of sales at Auto Dealer University and...

Why having a keystone habit is critical to your performance

One of the people I was working with had a tendency to commit and go all-in on specific areas that they wanted to improve in their...
Kelly Automotive

Taking Both Forks in the Road: Stop Limiting Your Decision Making

We often use “road” metaphors for the activities of our business and our life — “the path to the sale,” “the road not taken,”...

Are You Tired of the Same Results?

If the last century taught us anything, it is that change and growth are the keys to developing and maintaining success in everything that...

The Difference Between Joy and Happiness

The world in which we live is very much centered around self advancement and, alternatively, protecting ourselves from harm and challenges. There is nothing...