Hyundai Motor Company and quantum computing firm IonQ have announced their partnership will be expanding, as they will be working on developing technology that will be able to detect 3D objects and conduct detailed image classification. The companies said they will “next use IonQ’s machine learning data in Hyundai’s test environment and recreate numerous real-world scenarios.”

While the scope of the project is larger, the technologies will assist in advancing autonomous technologies and self-driving cars, as they are expected to offer tools like accurate pedestrian and stop sign detection. IonQ’s quantum computers can reportedly already “classify 43 different types of traffic signs,” and the collaboration will look to expand this. 

IonQ’s president, Peter Chapman, said his company is “excited to expand [its] existing relationship with Hyundai Motor to focus on another key aspect of next-generation mobility” and “expect[s] to see quantum computers become an even more integral part in developing novel transportation solutions.”

IonQ’s Aria computer is the number one quantum computer available today and is expected to be used as a less costly, more intelligent technology for Hyundai’s autonomous driving technologies. IonQ and Hyundai already began their partnership this year when they announced they would be working together to use IonQ’s quantum computers to improve the “performance, cost, and safety” of the lithium batteries used in electric vehicles.

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