How OfferLogix is helping vendors create seamless car buying experiences — Aaron Bickart, EVP

OfferLogix continues to make significant waves in the automotive industry. Throughout the past few years, new partnerships and initiatives have helped the fintech company take seamless online car buying to the next level. Today on Inside Automotive, Aaron Bickart, Executive Vice President and General Manager of OfferLogix, discusses why these partnerships set OfferLogix apart from its competition.

OfferLogix is focused on innovation to stay ahead of the curve, says Bickart. And partnering with the right companies is an essential part of that strategy. With partners like Matador and Zappyride, OfferLogix can now empower its clients to create seamless experiences for their tier 3 dealers. OfferLogix aims to be a one-stop shop by providing completely transparent and frictionless services without the need for third-party partners— effectively eliminating the need for multiple vendors.

Bickart goes on to say that providing all these services is complex and developing a system yourself is not impossible, but close to it. At OfferLogix, they are making sure what they are providing to their vendors is seamless and transparent.

The push for more online sales has affected dealers. “I think the online and digital experience and home delivery that manufacturers are mandating is going to continue to grow,” said Bickart. He said accountability is an issue, with most dealers believing they already have the necessary tools and experiences in place but that a mandated system has not been implemented.

“94% of us are online anyway, so asking how to take the “keyboard to keyboard” experience to the in-person experience is crucial,” Bickart said. He also noted that COVID has spurred growth in the industry and that people are becoming more efficient with their time. With OfferLogix offering penny-perfect payments and credit-perfect payments, they are the only ones that come to market offering both services, and that’s how they stay ahead in this industry and grow along with it.

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