How Angela Krause Family Ford Improved Their Customer Experience and Enhanced Client Communications By Implementing These Technologies – Darin Wade, GM and Dealer Partner

LivePerson Automotive

In this segment, CBT’s Jim Fitzpatrick sits down with Darin Wade, dealer partner, and GM at Angela Krause Family Ford. The pair discuss consumer buying trends, connecting with customers online, and the ways in which LivePerson Automotive is helping dealerships communicate with customers in efficient and satisfying ways.

LivePerson AutomotiveDarin begins by discussing how communication inside and outside of the dealership has changed throughout the years of his career. Technology has increased the methods of communication ten-fold, and Darin says it has been necessary for the dealership to adapt in order to remain competitive. Not only are consumers demanding various modes of communication on the variable-ops side now, but also on the fixed-ops side. Customers now expect updates on their service via text message. Whether customers are calling in to set up an appointment or simply to check on their service, Darin says that they as the dealer, have to find better ways to communicate.

In steps LivePerson Automotive. Darin says, their partnership with LivePerson Automotive began when their parts and service director noticed a strong need for better communication between customers and the service drive. When the service department is inundated with calls, the managers and technicians cannot properly focus on the customers they have on the floor. On the flip side, the customers calling into the department are not receiving a pleasant customer experience either since they cannot get the answers they need. LivePerson Automotive re-routes some of that traffic to emails and text messaging which alleviates some pressure for the staff and makes operations run more smoothly.

To find out more about the various functions and features that LivePerson Automotive can offer your dealership, be sure to watch our entire interview above.

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