How Facebook Awareness Campaigns Affect Your Audience

We’ve all heard about Facebook advertising.  One strategy you might not be aware is awareness ads.  Glenn explains how an awareness campaign can impact your Facebook audience.


Facebook Awareness Ads

Video Transcription

Our Tip of the Day comes from Glenn Pasch. We’ve all heard about Facebook advertising and a lot of dealers out there today are testing it and trying it with different strategies. One of the strategies that are working really well for our clients is awareness ads. You’d be surprised how many people in your market do not even know that you exist. And this goes especially for independent dealers. How many of your people in your area understand that you may do service for vehicles as well.

So as you’re going through all of the Facebook ads and the different types of ads, what you should try and do is create an awareness campaign something that is simple. These are the hours that we’re open. And have a learn more button. And drive them to a page that’s relevant to talk about your messaging. Why should they do business with you.

Why they should service with you again. This will allow all of the people in your area within a five-mile to 10-mile radius to become aware of your value proposition to help them solve their automotive problems and look to you as the person who’s going to help them.

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