How dealers can successfully generate revenue from connected services

Capgemini just released a new Connected Car Trend Radar Report which explores how OEMs can make the most of their connected services in terms of monetization. Daniel Davenport, senior director of North American automotive for Capgemini, is here to discuss the report findings.

Primarily, when people think about connected services, they expect them to be delivered through their smartphones. About half of the people surveyed who were connected say that they use their services frequently. There is a real gap between what’s going on in the market, what consumers are actually doing, and what the OEMs are providing in terms of connectivity.

In this segment, Davenport and anchor Jim Fitzpatrick discuss the following:

  • Where the market is heading with connected services
  • What that means for dealers
  • How OEMs gain, or regain a central role in providing new services and/or integrating third party products
  • How dealers are responding to the changing market
  • How dealerships can open up new revenue streams as a result of connected services

For more great insight from Daniel Davenport, be sure to watch our full interview above.

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