Why an hourly rate is more important to your dealership’s BDC

When it comes to running a BDC as a manager or working as a phone agent, some might say it’s pretty difficult. In fact, some would say not a lot of people would aspire to do a job that’s looked upon as repetitive and mundane.

Running a successful BDC can be done, according to Bill Wittenmyer (a partner at ELEAD1ONE), but if your dealership is struggling, he suggests considering changing the pay plan structure to an hourly wage that is attractive enough to recruit and retain talent.

Here are some tips that might help. First of all, keep your hourly rate competitive and implement fresh incentives on a daily and monthly basis. If you pay average hourly wages, expect average talent and performance.

Secondly, set performance goals and align incentives. Wittenmyer says the goals your dealership has for its BDC must be established and clearly understood.

Thirdly, keep directions simple and concise. Employees who don’t understand the incentive or how to achieve it will lose belief and focus and fail to accomplish the goal.

And finally, measure performance and provide feedback. This should happen every day. Provide feedback on success and coach them on items that need improvement.