Have you started prepping for the fourth quarter yet?

It’s the middle of summer and you’re probably enjoying some cookouts and your nice tan, but has your dealership’s fourth quarter crossed your mind?

In this month’s issue of Car Biz Today Magazine, Jeff Cowan, Weekly Tune-up host and speaker at our CBT Conference and Expo in February, wrote about the fourth quarter and why it’s important to start prepping now. Jeff has some highly effective strategies to make your fourth quarter productive.

He suggests you should begin the week after Labor Day by beginning to pass out a flyer to every visiting customer that offers a free 32-point inspection. Advertise the offer through email and any other outlet so all your customer are aware. Also, make sure your event applies to every vehicle that your customer owns, regardless of the manufacturer! This event works well if set up properly – most customers have a mindset that they need a winter inspection for their vehicle, and for those who don’t, it’s important that you assure them that they do.

It’s also important to create holiday specials and announce them by the first of November. Popular gifts that make good specials include maintenance services, chrome wheels, details, and gift certificates. When mid-August rolls around in a few weeks, start planning a Christmas shopping shuttle ride to the local mall or other shopping centers. Jeff explains that this always get a great response, and some advisors continue with this even after the holidays.

And don’t forget – the fourth quarter is the one time of year when people actually plan to shop and spend extra money. Give your customers a reason to spend extra money at your dealership by providing some extra motivation and direction!

To see that full article from Jeff (“How To Make 4th Quarter A Productive Period,” page 22), check out our free digital copy of the magazine available here. If you would prefer a free monthly copy delivered straight to your door, be sure to subscribe here!