Google’s New AMP Formats for Email and How They Could Benefit Auto Dealers

AMP for email

Many drivers struggle with remembering oil changes and service tune-ups for their vehicles causing improper maintenance. Unfortunately, we can’t always remember everything and if someone does remember it’s time for maintenance many don’t exactly know what it needs, why it is needed or where to get it done. Dealerships are doing their part by sending out maintenance reminders but they might be ignored or most commonly life happens and it gets forgotten. Email has reigned supreme for companies to get in touch with their customers for a while now but the world has gotten busy and now Email must adapt.

So, What is AMP for email?

AMP for email is an open source feature for GoogleMail that allows users to schedule appointments and look at details from the sender without having to search the email. The more back and forth generated through email, the greater the risk of confusion and missed opportunities. AMP for email allows you to schedule through the email without having to do a lot of work thus ensuring you get repetitive business.

Car Parts & Replacements

Retaining a customer that has just purchased a car by offering discounted maintenance is a great business practice. Using AMP to do scheduling for that makes the process easy. For customers that are not buying cars sold by you may be a tougher sell. If you are selling parts, especially harder to get parts, this is where AMP can really help. You may not have a part in stock, but you can order it. If you can provide up to the minute information on the location of the part, a customer really has no reason to keep looking. You retain that customer. If you give a rough timeline for arrival, someone may go looking to get it faster. It is really all about perception.

Help With Selling Vehicles

Again, it is a matter of perception. In a busy world of busy people the less digging, the better. If you get an alert that someone is looking for a car on your website you want to act fast. If you have that vehicle, let them know along with any features by sending the potential buyer a Google AMP Email with the option to schedule right there and then.  The more you provide information to a hopeful customer without pressure the become more likely to advance in the car buying process.

Advertising Simplified

The whole idea of AMP for email is to bring a web-like experience straight to your inbox. For a dealer, this would mean that you could send out an interactive advertisement straight into an email without having to attach a link and then load a webpage letting the customers the ability to see everything instantly.

Should Your Dealership Try It?

The short answer to that is: maybe. It is still a new technology and that comes with pros and cons. So take some time and learn more about the tool.  figure out if this is something that appeals to your business model and market. At the end of the day, it can only help and add more versatility to your approach. Who knows, it might actually be a great fit and help. So give it a go and see how it goes.