Ford Motor Company has recalled over 100,000 hybrid and hybrid plug-in vehicles due to a risk of under-the-hood fires. 2020 to 2022 models of the Escape, Maverick, and Corsair are affected. Ford will begin informing owners of the recall on August 8 and will alter the under-engine shield and active grille shutter on the vehicles to allow for greater airflow.

Due to a lack of ventilation, some risks could result in large fires that cause damage. The engine oil and fuel vapor could flood ignition sources, leading to many flammable liquids and materials under a hot hood that protects the motor, but Ford already has a solution to fix the cars with a unique ventilation system. Although no injuries have been documented, Ford has received 23 reports of the problem while engines are on.

In 2021, a similar problem emerged: Ford was forced to recall about 39,000 affected vehicles because of under-hood fires. Ford believes the problem can be traced to a manufacturer that was switched during the middle of COVID-19. The supplier’s printed circuit boards are extremely flammable. The necessary parts needed to fix the vehicles, so they are usable, will be ready by September, which is just two months away.

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