Earlier this week, Ford issued a safety compliance recall of about 2,900 units of the F-150 Lightning because of a software issue with the tire pressure monitoring system. No serious problems have arisen because of this failure. However, the malfunction can be dangerous for drivers and increase the risk of vehicle crashes.

“Low tire inflation pressure may lead to poor vehicle handling and a possible loss of vehicle control, increasing the risk of a crash,” Ford said in a statement.

However, not all of the F-150 Lighting vehicles are affected by this glitch. The only vehicles recalled were certain 2022 Lightnings with 20″ or 22″ tires. Thankfully for drivers and owners of this electric vehicle, the issue can be resolved with a quick software upgrade.

Over 2,666 units in the United States are affected, and another 220 in Canada. Fixing this error should only take about twenty minutes before the driver is safely back on the road. In the meantime, Ford is pleading to users to check manually for the appropriate tire pressures. This is the only F-150 recall currently active.

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