Image by General Motors

General Motors is surprising many key electric vehicle production industry players as they increase sales and produce interesting inventions and patents for electric batteries. GM is already known for its widely praised and loved Ultium packs. These battery packs work hard to collect heat residue from other vehicles to turn it into energy for electric vehicle usage.

As impressive as the Ultium packs are, they are nothing when compared to the newest GM patents that incorporate a quick charger with two charge ports in one charger. Car users could potentially charge up to two vehicles with the same charger.

The battery works with 6 and 24 modules. The battery packs for each of the GM EVs are very different and specifically designed to fit their vehicles. For example, the Edition 1 GMC Hummer EV uses a 212.7-kWh pack that can run for over 300 miles. 

With the current global shortage of EV batteries, GM is charging full steam ahead. They are creating innovative batteries and chargers to compete against other large names like Tesla. Although the patent has been filed, there is no update on whether this technology works yet or when it will hit the market.

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