Image by Wallbox USA Inc.

Electric vehicle charging solutions firm Wallbox said this week that it had broken ground on a 130,000 square-foot manufacturing plant in Arlington, Texas, where it will build various models of EV chargers. The company has spent approximately $11 million on the initial stages of construction and hopes the facility can produce more than 250,000 charging units before the end of the year. 

Wallbox will initially produce its Pulsar Plus AC chargers, which can charge all EVs, even Tesla vehicles, if the user has a compatible adapter. In 2023, the company plans on also producing its other charging unit models, including the Quasar 2, the Supernova, and the Hypernova. The Quasar 2 is a bi-directional charger, meaning users can charge their home through their car, and the Supernova and Hypernova models are faster than the others and are used as public chargers. 

Wallbox hopes that operating a U.S.-based manufacturing facility will reduce delivery delays, cut costs, and potentially make the company eligible for subsidies or tax breaks from the government. The facility expects to employ 250 people. Wallbox has also reportedly “entered into partnerships with U.S. suppliers for the design and construction of the facility, storage racking, and its new assembly line.” 

Wallbox aims for the new facility to build over 500,000 charging units annually by 2025. The company’s General Manager, Douglas Alfaro, said that the facility is an “exciting milestone” for Wallbox and added that “the manufacturing facility is expected to allow [Wallbox] to better meet the needs of [its] American customers and support the nation’s transition toward electric mobility.”

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