Disrupt the Competition by Creating a More Convenient Customer Experience – Shep Hyken, NYT Best-Selling Author

customer experience

As we all know, providing an excellent customer experience is the key to running a successful dealership. On today’s show, CBT’s Jim Fitzpatrick discusses why car buyers today want the purchase process to be hassle-free and convenient with New York Times bestselling author Shep Hyken.

Last year alone, $75 billion dollars was lost due to poor customer service, and that number has grown from $62 billion in 2016 and $32 billion in 2014. Why is customer service such a struggle throughout every industry? Although other stats say customer service is improving, it is not happening fast enough.

customer experience

Companies have realized that in order to remain competitive, they need to deliver a better overall customer experience. It’s no longer enough to have people loyal to a car brand; they need to be loyal to your specific dealership. Ultimately, the customer knows what great service is, and if you don’t provide it for them, they’ll find someone else that does.

So, what are some powerful strategies that a dealer or manager can implement to create long-lasting customer and employee loyalty? Treat your employees the way you would treat your customers, and set the tone of the dealership from the inside.

Top performing dealerships are offering things that lower performing dealerships are not. When you make an appointment at a top dealership, the staff is already familiar with you and your needs. They also return your vehicle cleaner than it was when it arrived, and they customer experiencemake sure their service timeline is accurate. You may think these are common sense, no-brainer things, but they really only happen at the top 25% of dealerships according to J.D. Power.

Focus on the things that are common sense and what you can realistically deliver. Doing this will not only provide good customer service, but also an excellent overall customer experience from start to finish. The trifecta of success is having a good product, good service, and an easier experience.

Shep explains, “Customers remember how easy it is to do business with you, and they’ll walk away and say, ‘wow, that’s the easiest time I’ve ever had buying a car’, and isn’t that what you want them to say?”

You can purchase Shep Hyken’s new book, The Convenience Revolution here.