Dealers are raving about this latest digital retailing tool developed by Velocity Automotive Solutions

On today’s show, we’re pleased to welcome back the team from Velocity Automotive Solutions, Gage Hathcock, Vice President of Dealer Relations, Kalah McCoy, Executive Vice President, and Hugh Hathcock, Owner. The panel discusses the new VAS digital portfolio tool VelocityEngage, and why car dealers need to focus on creating value for potential car buyers.

Hugh says that in the last 6 months, the product has changed and grown so much. 300 car dealers have already committed to it, which is well on its way to having 1,000 car dealers by the end of this year. VelocityEngage is a digital packet that goes out to the consumer in various ways. McCoy says the portfolio is customized by the dealership. Included in the top portfolios are window stickers, original OEMs, service records, and service inspections. McCoy adds that they want to enable dealers to give customers everything they need in one spot and why they should buy from that particular dealership.

Gage says it’s all about the path to building value through transparency. The VelocityEngage portfolio is completely customizable and car dealers can choose to put whatever they want in it. While VAS started in Recon, Hugh says they needed this tool to help car dealers speed up the process of selling cars. Adding this tool has changed so much for the company.

McCoy adds that one of their biggest pieces of feedback they received was having an all-in-one tool with one login and a lot of automation. They’ve built automation into all their CRMs. Gage says that they recently learned car dealers love the window sticker component and wanted to start using it for appraisals. The automations have allowed them to build integrations and have window stickers instantly. Hugh ends the conversation by sharing what sets them apart from their competitors. Hugh says car dealers don’t get the same support from other solutions.

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