Dave Anderson on Leading a New Hire Just Starting Out in the Business

Dave Anderson

This week, one of our viewers sent in the question: What’s the best advice I can give a salesperson just starting out in the business, who has never been in the car business? Dave Anderson, leadership expert and President of LearnToLead, says it’s tricky because new employees hear a lot of advice from many different voices.

Whenever a person starts in a new industry, there is a tendency they’ll want to fit in immediately. Especially, when it comes to the younger generations. It is important to let the new salesperson know that it’s alright if they don’t necessarily ‘fit in.’ They should be careful about the colleagues they choose to emulate and take advice from because it is very easy to pick up bad habits from co-workers as well. According to Dave, the new salesperson should be concerned with fitting in with their goals and their desired income more than with their colleagues.

This can be achieved with a thorough and comprehensive onboarding process, which dealers oftentimes neglect. New hires need a little more time and attention upfront to get that firm footing. If managers leave them to their own devices, then they’re open to many more, potentially detrimental, outside influences.

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