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Dale Pollak On Today’s Greatest Challenges In The Automotive Industry | Mercedes-Benz Launches Subscription Service | White House Reviews Auto Efficiency Standards

Today on – Thursday, June 7th, 2018:

Dale Pollak On Today’s Greatest Challenges In The Automotive Industry
Rideshare companies, direct to customer sales models, recruiting, tariffs and if that is not enough over 4 million off-lease cars are hitting the market this year. There is a lot going on in the Automotive industry today so to help break everything down for our views we are joined Vice President of Cox Media, Author, and vAuto founder, Dale Pollak. Watch Now

Rising Loan Amounts and Interest Rates Hurting Auto Sales
The future of the automobile industry is a mystery to Americans. Many are worried that new trade deals will cause car prices to rise even more, whereas others believe they will make prices go down. Other than the aforementioned issues, buyers also have to take into account tax rate instability, increasing insurance costs, and repair costs should something go wrong. All of these factors can do a lot of damage to dealerships, manufacturers, and the auto sales industry. Read More

What Secret Shoppers Look for at Your Dealership and How to Win!
You may get a warning when a member of the corporate OEM team decides to do a walkthrough of the showroom. This scenario can understandably bring about much pressure, but what happens when an OEM rep is not so easy to pick out? It is well known that OEMs will solicit the help of secret shoppers to get a taste of how dealerships are interacting with customers. What are these individuals looking for? How can your dealership get high marks? It all comes down to creating a consistently impressive customer experience. Read More

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