Happy Labor Day! The Best of Last Week’s Interviews


Today on CBTNews.com – Monday, September 3rd, 2018:

newscastThe One Question Most Salespeople Can’t Answer
What is the one question that most salespeople can’t answer? Before I get to this, let me tell you the one question every salesperson can answer. How many did you sell last month? I am sure if you stopped reading right now and asked yourself, or your team this question you would get 100 percent of them to respond. Read More

Calibrate Recon to Increase Used Car Profitability, Dealers Say
Since hitting the automotive retail market in 2010, software for calibrating reconditioning efficiency has revolutionized how auto dealerships get used cars ready for sale. The first step to this reconditioning is to replace old practices with tightly calibrated workflow software. This tool structures and tracks each vehicle and each step of the reconditioning process in real-time with with complete accuracy. Read More


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