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WardsAuto’s Steve Finlay on Today’s F&I Process | ‘Mind the Gap’ Between Acquisition and Retail Ready | The Phone is Ringing: Yesterday, it was an Inquiry; Today, it’s a Buyer!

Today on – Tuesday, November 13th, 2018:

newscastWardsAuto’s Steve Finlay on Today’s F&I Process
In recent years, new technology has been re-defining the F&I office. How are you adapting to these changes in your dealership? In today’s segment, Jim Fitzpatrick is joined by Steve Finlay, editor at Ward’s Magazine to discuss alternative insurance selling techniques and letting car buyers take the F&I experience into their own hands at your dealership. Watch Now

newscast‘Mind the Gap’ Between Acquisition and Retail Ready
For 50 years, loudspeakers in London subways have cautioned riders to watch their step when boarding and de-boarding. This omnipresent “Mind the Gap” alert undoubtedly has prevented numerous individuals from catching their feet in the gap between the edge of the boarding platform and the subway car. ‘Mind the Gap’ is also a sensible caution for a car dealer because of the economic danger that lurks in the gap between a vehicle acquisition and retail ready. Read More

newscastThe Phone is Ringing: Yesterday, it was an Inquiry; Today, it’s a Buyer!
The phone is ringing. It’s a sales prospect. They’re not calling to chat. They found your vehicle on the Internet and (by calling you) they’re telling you they’re ready to buy it. Now, they just need someone to sell it to them. A few years ago, it was likely the caller had a real question. Today, with the availability of transaction and near-transaction pricing online, most questions are just smokescreens; a way to shield the buyer from the sales pressure they fear. When your team understands and believes this, the process and word tracks they use will come more naturally. Read More

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