Today on – Tuesday, May 21st, 2019:

newscastManheim’s Used Vehicle Index: How Your Dealership Can Profit from Current Opportunities – Zo Rahim, Industry Insights at Cox Automotive
Following Manheim’s release of the latest edition of the Used Vehicle Value Index, Zo Rahim joins CBT News to discuss current defining factors of the auto industry. As the Manager of Economics and Industry Insights at Cox Automotive, Rahim says that there is still a lot of opportunity for dealers and fixed ops to continue to see favorable profit despite changes in the retail market. Watch the full interview above in order to hear more about these trends as well as how they are going to affect consumer trends and dealership’s profits. Watch Now

newscastInteresting Players in the Race to Dominate the EV Industry
It’s no surprise that electric vehicles (EVs) have become increasingly popular within the past decade. They are appealing to consumers because they can save money since they don’t require constant re-fueling, they are convenient because they can be charged without owners having to leave the house, and, according to environmental experts, they can greatly reduce emissions and contribute to cleaner air. Automakers are racing to become the top dog in the EV market, but other companies are introducing plans to join in, too. Read More

newscastShould You Use Lateral Support as a Service Department Dispatch System?
Lateral support, Simple Support, Teams, Super Groups and Dispatch. Service Department technician production systems must be designed based on the quality and capabilities of technicians, consideration about the nuances of the franchise in question and quality and quantity of the service advisors employed. Each production system has a specific application depending on variables on the ground at the Dealership. The most popular applications I see in real life are either straight dispatch (computer or computer assisted with a dispatcher) and some iteration of lateral support. Let’s talk about lateral support as a potential system in some detail. Read More


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