The Keys to a Successful Family Business | How to Be a Great Leader | Car Sales Will Be Key to Job Creation | What’s behind GAP loss ratios?



On today’s CBT Newscast for Tuesday, May 16, 2017: 

The Keys to a Successful Family Business – Stacy Ellis Interview
Since 1971 the Jim Ellis Automotive Group has brought its customers and community the best their family has had to offer. Now enlisting help across 3 generations, Jim Ellis has become known for their family history in retail automotive as well as the community.
In this interview, Joe had the pleasure of speaking with Stacy Ellis Hodges, Vice President of the Jim Ellis Group and Jim Sr.’s granddaughter. Watch Now

How to Be a Great Leader That Everyone Wants to Follow
They say that good leaders are born, not made. But no matter how great a leader we think we are, we can all stand to foster and improve our leadership and management skills from time to time. Here are 11 of the very best qualities that will help propel you into great leader status, all backed up by some of the most trusted leaders in business. Read More

Car Sales Will Be Key to Job Creation
The rubber is about to meet the road for the U.S. economy. An unlikely candidate, the auto sector, has emerged as the key piece of economic data. That means that June 1, the day May car sales are released, rather than June 2, when the May jobs report will be released, should be the most important date on investors’ radar screens. Read More

What’s behind GAP loss ratios?
For those dealers who participate in reinsurance and follow loss ratios, you’ve probably seen a spike of increasing Guaranteed Asset Protection contracts within the last couple years. At EFG Companies, we have been analyzing this trend very carefully. Let’s review what’s happening in the market to cause this trend. Read More


  1. I have had the honor of working for this company for 4 years now and they truly are amazing! I’ve been in the car business for 20 years and I still pinch myself to make sure this isn’t a dream. The culture they create with their employees and the resources they provide for success spill over onto the Customer Experience. It’s a family that continues to grow!

  2. I was hired by the Jim Ellis family a year ago after working in the car business for 6 years. The difference in attitude and atmosphere is a breath of fresh air! I’m encouraged day after day to think of new ways to improve the customer’s experience here in Kennesaw. When the VP of the company came to my desk to ask how my mom was doing, (she was in the hospital at the time and I had only been there a week or two) and asked about her, I knew I had found the family to work for!


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