The Keys to a Successful Family Business – Stacey Ellis Hodges, Vice President of Ellis Auto Group

Stacey Ellis Hodges


Since 1971 the Jim Ellis Automotive Group has brought its customers and community the best their family has had to offer. Now enlisting help across 3 generations, Jim Ellis has become known for their family history in retail automotive as well as the community.

In this interview, Joe had the pleasure of speaking with Stacey Ellis Hodges, Vice President of the Jim Ellis Group and Jim Sr.’s granddaughter. Joe covered a variety of topics with Stacy, including the following:

  • Continuing the family business
  • Community Involvement
  • What makes a dealership successful?
  • Females in the retail auto industry
  • Preparing for poor economic times
  • retailing good people in modern times
  • The digital retail process and options Jim Ellis offers.
  • Honoring first-responders in the community

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