How to Be a Great Leader That Everyone Wants to Follow


They say that good leaders are born, not made. But no matter how great a leader we think we are, we can all stand to foster and improve our leadership and management skills from time to time. Here are 11 of the very best qualities that will help propel you into great leader status, all backed up by some of the most trusted leaders in business.

1. Time Is Never Wasted on Listening to Others
2. Feedback Is the Shortcut to a Better Team
3. No One’s Left Behind. Involvement Is Indiscriminate
4. Always Be Gracious And Grateful
5. Interactivity Is the Key to Bringing Everyone Together
6. Power Is Shared Among Everyone, Not on a Single Person
7. There Is Always Wise Words from Others
8. With a Clear Aim, No One Goes Astray
9. Responsibility Delegation Is the Way to Unleash the Team’s Full Potential
10. Feedback Builds Trust and Enables Continuous Improvement
11. Being Respectful Isn’t Just An Etiquette

Now you are ready to lead your team with trust, confidence, strength and compassion. A great leader has a mix of qualities; they are not superhuman, but rather people who are able to connect with members of their teams on a compassionate and human level, whilst also maintaining discipline and authority at all times.


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