Bloomberg’s Kevin Tynan Talks About the Auto Industry After COVID-19


Today on – Thursday, May 13th, 2020:

Bloomberg’s Kevin Tynan Talks About the Auto Industry After COVID-19
On today’s show, we welcome back Kevin Tynan, Senior Automotive Analyst with Bloomberg Intelligence. Kevin and Jim talk about the current state of automotive, as well as what the future may look like as we continue to make progress through the COVID-19 saga.

Kevin TynanVehicle Sales Especially Trucks Stronger than Expected
When the March sales figures were released, the alarm bells sounded across the automotive industry. March new vehicle sales contributed to an overall quarterly decline of 27 percent year over year. Expectations for April were dire with Edmunds forecasting as much as 80 percent fewer new vehicle sales for the month than previously estimated. The month-end reports told a different, much less worrisome story. Read More

Kevin TynanEmail Auto-Pilot: How Dealers Can Use Automation for Email Marketing
Earlier this decade, many skeptics believed that email was dead. We see now that email is far from dead, and will continue to be a strong marketing channel for the next decade to come. Supercharge your email marketing with automation and by following these best practices. Read More

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