MLB Player Turned Mercedes-Benz Dealer Dr. Dorian Boyland on Battling Racism in the Automotive Industry

Dorian Boyland

Today on – Thursday, June 25th, 2020: Dr. Dorian Boyland

Protests have been sweeping the country and the globe for the past few weeks now, and this is a historic time for movements against racial injustice and discrimination. These issues permeate into all areas of life and the auto retail industry is no exception.

Here today to speak with us about this incredibly important topic is Dr. Dorian Boyland, the CEO and President of the Boyland Auto Group. After a career in the MLB, including a World Series win with the Pittsburgh Pirates, Dorian went on to create one of the most successful dealer groups in the country. Now, he boasts six dealerships across several different states including the Mercedes-Benz flagship store in Orlando, Florida.

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