Is Your Team Choosing Success At Your Dealership Everyday? – Rory Vaden | Strong Pickup Sales Lead to Heavy Discounts | Tesla Cuts 3,000 Jobs


Today on – Thursday, June 14th, 2018:

Is Your Team Choosing Success At Your Dealership Everyday? – Rory Vaden
Rory Vaden, Co-Founder of Southwestern Consulting, Joins the network to talk about overcoming procrastination and developing good discipline and how mastering a balance in the workspace can help you take your productivity to the next level. Watch Now

What Garden Hoses & Cars Have in Common: Conversational Commerce
Ever think you’d be competing with a garden hose? In a sense, you are…because the same people buy both products. And as IBM’s Bridget van Kranlingen has said, “The last best experience that anyone has anywhere becomes the minimum expectation for the experience they want everywhere.” Despite all the things that have changed in car buying, what it comes down to is simple: No car was ever sold without a conversation. How will you enable car shoppers to connect, converse…and buy from you? Read More

5 Ways Dealers Can Help Customers Wade Through Record High Vehicle Pricing
Many automotive analysts have projected a decrease in the number of cars sold this year. The primary reason given for this was the fear of rising interest rates, monthly payments, and overall car prices. It turns out they were right on the money as Experian’s State of Auto Finance Report revealed that all financial aspects of the car buying experience are at record highs. Read More


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