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Today on – Monday, June 4th, 2018:

The Importance of Your Dealership’s Online Reputation – Chris Snellgrove
Jim Fitzpatrick sits down with Chris Snellgrove with Digital Media Nation to talk about reputation management, the customer experience, and marketing on CBT News. Chris discusses the importance of monetizing your reputation for your dealership and for your customer’s experience. Watch Now

Rethinking The Automobile Selling Process
The auto industry has made some big changes in the way a vehicle is advertised and sold. The consumer has so much available to them by way of technology before they even step foot into a car dealership to speak with a franchise dealer. Because certain steps to the automobile purchase are now being completed outside the dealership, such as online financing and vehicle trade-in offers, the car salesmen need to start taking on a new approach to how they go about selling a car. Read More

When Little Complaints Become Big Problems
The vast majority of dissatisfied customers who threaten to call an attorney never do. For the few who follow through, the results can be devastating. While it’s true that many customers’ complaints have little or no merit, there can be a real danger if the wrong plaintiff’s attorney gets involved. Read More


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