CBT Automotive Newscast for January 28, 2020


Today on CBTNews.com – Tuesday, January 28th, 2020:

Jonathan SmokeCox Automotive Chief Economist Jonathan Smoke Discusses Vehicle Affordability, EVs, and Much More
Year-end sales data has been released for the auto retail industry, and there is a lot to break down. If you want to find out what 2019’s trends could indicate about the headwinds and tailwinds for the rest of this year, then you’ll want to tune in to what our next guest has to say. Here to talk in-depth about what dealers can expect from industry trends and developments moving forward in 2020 is Jonathan Smoke, chief economist for Cox Automotive. Watch Now

Jonathan SmokeUse the Trade-In to Make the Sales Process Quicker and Easier
There is a lot of talk today about speeding up the sales process. Even with all the improvements the automotive industry has seen over the last few years, the average consumer still does not like the current sales and transaction process and they believe it takes way too long. One thing that can be changed immediately to speed up the sales process and make the process more transparent to the customer is the way you handle trade-ins. Read More

Jonathan SmokeTake Pressure Off Your Service Techs with Chat Support Tools
Your service department is a busy place. Customers come to you on a daily basis to solve problems with their vehicles. They come in person, and they call on the phone. It requires a lot of manpower to communicate effectively and efficiently with all of these folks.  Adequately trained service receptionists, service advisors and other personnel can make a big difference, but hiring enough staff to meet the high demand is not necessarily the right answer. Read More


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