Automotive Retail Trends for 2019 – Matt DeLorenzo, KBB | The Science of Negotiation | Are You Hiring for Skill Sets Your Dealership Needs Most?


Today on – Monday, January 7th, 2019:

newscastAutomotive Retail Trends for 2019 – Matt DeLorenzo, Kelley Blue Book
2018 has been a year of continued innovation and big advances in technology, and with these changes comes new demands from consumers. From car buying experiences, to preferences, and car ownership expectations, there’s certainly a lot for dealers to consider in the new year. On today’s show, Jim Fitzpatrick speaks with Matt DeLorenzo, managing editor at Kelley Blue Book to discuss some major innovations the industry saw at December’s L.A. Auto Show as well as where auto retail is headed this year. Watch Now

newscastThe Science of Negotiation: Best Practices for Handling Negotiations at Your Dealership
Negotiation is a word that causes excitement in some and dread in others. To many, negotiations may seem like an unnecessary part of doing business, but in most industries—including automotive dealerships—negotiation is a regular part of life. The ultimate goal should be to ensure a beneficial outcome that not only satisfies what you are looking for but that also doesn’t diminish your reputation with your customers or your employees. Read More

newscastAre You Hiring for Skill Sets Your Dealership Needs Most?
The 21st Century is shaping up to be one of great change for the auto industry. In this ever-shifting environment it seems harder than ever to determine who would make a good team member when looking at potential employees. That said, there are a few key skills you’ll want to look for during the interview process. These are skill sets that are emerging as vital for dealerships that want to maintain an edge as we march further and further into this new world of ours. Read More


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