CBT Automotive Newscast for December 30, 2019


Today on CBTNews.com – Monday, December 30th, 2019:

Sam SlaughterBest of 2019: How Sellers Auto Group Increased Sales With the Help of a Facilitator – Sam Slaughter, Owner
Every dealer is always looking for new and innovative strategies to increase their sales. And while there are many ways to do it, our next guest has taken a slightly unconventional approach with the help of a facilitator placed in the service department, producing stellar results. On today’s show, we’re pleased to welcome in Sam Slaughter, owner of Sellers Auto Group in Farmington Hills, MI. Watch Now [Previously aired 6/18/19]

Sam SlaughterDon’t Ask, Tell Them What Services They Need
As a service advisor our job is to fulfill our customer’s main reason for visiting the dealership, right? You may feel customers who come into your shop are just trying to get the one thing they came in for and avoid being preyed upon by aggressive staff looking to make a sale for some seemingly unnecessary, intangible service. Sound familiar? Some advisors even abide by this perceived customer desired outcome with all of their clientele in the belief they are looking after the customer’s best interests. Read More

Sam Slaughter7 Top Sales Secrets
I recently delivered a virtual seminar on Seven Top Sales Secrets and we had more than 3,200 professional salespeople register. The following week we did another virtual workshop on Secrets to Closing the Sale and there were more than 5,000 views in the first 72 hours. Clearly salespeople are looking for solutions and ways in which they can get an edge. I know you don’t have three hours right now so I wanted to share the condensed version here. Read More


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