Customer Experience Must-Haves in the Car Buying Process

Car Buying

Jim Fitzpatrick of CBT News sits down with Chris Snellgrove, President of Digital Media Nation, to talk about what businesses and dealerships can do to provide their customers with better car buying experience.

One of the biggest points of pain and frustration for customers in the car buying process is how long it takes. Consumers have said that they would prefer to go to the dentist to get a root canal rather than purchase a car, and Chris discusses that a car purchase is the third largest purchase in a person’s life, so making the experience as painless and Three Things That Customers Want In Their Car Buying Process simple for the customer as possible is very important. There are three things that customers want in their car buying process: for it to be fast, easy, and pleasurable; and Chris shares that one of the best ways to make that happen for the customer is to communicate trust with them as much as possible.Car Shopping Communication between dealerships and consumers begins with the moment the consumer visits the dealership’s website. 84% of consumers often trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, therefore working to expand your brand through social media and other online platforms is very important for dealerships. Dealers can use different online platforms to get their customers involved, promote themselves, and take pictures and videos and put them on dealership fan pages. Consumers are going to be more likely to trust what other consumers are saying, and Chris has found that video testimonials have become some of the most popular and trusted forms of reviews for consumers.

Once the trust has been communicated with the customers online it’s important that the trust continues throughout the rest of their searching and purchasing, from the time the customer contacts the dealership online, to the time they come it, to the time the car is delivered. The best way to continue this in person is to be upfront with your customers about the entire process. Tell them, “I want to make this the most enjoyable car buying purchase you’ve ever had, and I want to make sure it’s fast, and easy.” Make sure the trust is continued within the store so it is present within all aspects of the car buying process.

Finally management is going to be a big help throughout this entire process with continuous and ongoing training within the dealership. Although most dealerships provide minimal training towards the beginning of a salespersons entrance to the company, and it’s important that dealerships provide continuous training throughout the career of a salesperson.