5 Ways to Nail Corporate Culture to Attract and Retain Millennials


You’re only as strong as the team that supports you. And many of today’s corporate teams are made up of Millennials.

When it comes to recruiting and retaining Millennials, there are three factors that matter most to this generation – growth opportunities, retirement benefits and company culture – and approximately 80 percent of Millennials examine culture fit with potential employers before applying to and accepting jobs.

Millennials want a strong culture, one where company values are clearly demonstrated and the work environment is fun but also allows them to perform at their best level. Here’s how you can make your culture a good fit for Millennial job seekers.

1. Give them purpose

Most millennials don’t have a familial responsibility like their older counterparts. They want to work for a company that they feel has a clear mission and purpose.

2. Provide Guidance

Millennials want managers who help. They want someone who coaches them through new situations instead of staying pent up in their office waiting for them to make a mistake. Lending a helping hand can build a high level of trust with your millennial employees.

3. Feed them Continual Feedback

Millennials are used to constant communication through text and social media platforms. They need that same level of communication at work, and even though some may not speak up, most if not all millennials are seeking your input.

4. Offer flexible work schedules

It shouldn’t be surprising taht millennials want a flexible schedule. They are naturally wellpversed in modern technology and understand that that technology allows them to work from home or their local coffee shop. Of course, some positions aren’t able to work remotely, and there are circumstances in which being there in person is necessary, but giving them flexibility when possible can give them a sense of control, ultimately reducing stress and boosting their loyalty to the business.

5. Supply the right benefits

This new generation wants more than just a good salary. They want to feel valued and are looking to be rewarded when necessary. Rewarding millennials when they do something worth rewarding will motivate them to work harder.


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