Continuing To Provide Fair Pricing and Transparency With New Product – TrueCar, Brian Skutta


TrueCar has built a respectable reputation of trust for their fair pricing and transparency. Last year the company launched a pilot product that was received with high praise and now they are ready to launch it across 1000 dealerships. CBT News sat down with Brian Skutta, EVP of Dealer Sales and Service at TRUECar, during the NADA Show and learned more about their new feature and what the industry can expect to gain from it.

Skutta explains how TRUECar created a program for consumers that is extremely user-friendly. The owner can input their VIN or license plate information into the program and are immediately given a price range value for their car. As the user begins to plug in more information the technology starts closing in on that range even more based on car details.Pricing

Every vehicle on TRUECar has a unique price curve data visualization that shows you what your neighbors paid for that same car: make, model, color, and style. This curve comes from our detailed analysis of millions of sales transactions from across the United States.

Jim Fitzpatrick also spoke to Skutta about their Dealer pledge and how that has grown.Two years ago TRUECar came out with the Dealer Pledge, an initiative on behalf of TRUECar’s commitment to the dealers and have been chipping away at that promise. Last year they had over 70,000 live visits to the store where they are there to help the dealer increase their gross rate on TRUECar and ultimately sell more cars.