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CDK Global Outages: NIADA’s Jeremy Beck discusses impact and recommendations

The ongoing CDK Global outages are still impacting dealerships across the country. Joining us now is Jeremy Beck, the Vice President of Dealer Development for NIADA, the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association, to share his perspective on the incident and what they recommend for independent dealers. 


  • Jeremy Beck highlighted that the outages have severely impacted critical dealership operations such as inventory management, cost analysis, deal finalization, and vehicle booking. The comprehensive suite of CDK products means that when the system goes down, it disrupts multiple facets of dealership operations, creating significant challenges for independent dealers in maintaining business continuity.
  • Beck emphasized the resilience of independent dealers, who have reverted to traditional methods like Excel spreadsheets and manual paperwork to keep operations running. He pointed out that despite the reliance on modern technology, dealers are adapting by using older methods and maximizing available resources to continue selling vehicles and managing their businesses.
  • The NIADA advises dealers to remain transparent with consumers about the technological challenges they are facing due to the CDK outages. This includes being upfront about delays and procedural changes, which helps maintain trust and ensure customer satisfaction despite the disruptions. Additionally, Beck underscored the importance of not making rash decisions to switch providers hastily, as similar issues could also affect other systems.
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CDK offers a wide range of products. When CDK experienced downtime, they struggled to manage inventory, costs, and vehicle delivery to consumers. This is a crucial aspect for all dealers, particularly independent dealers." – Jeremy Beck

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