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New union deadline, Trump plans UAW address, Hyundai donates $100,000

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Danny Zaslavsky joins Inside Automotive to discuss the used car market and why dealers need to refine their appraisal methods.Used car market trends: why dealers are turning to multichannel acquisitions — Danny Zaslavsky | VINCUE
The used car market has experienced more ups and downs than any other automotive segment in recent years as consumer demands shift in response to pricing and new car availability. With inventory on the rise and the first used electric vehicles going on sale, dealers will need to pay close attention in the coming months to stay on top of emerging trends in preowned retail. Watch full segment here.

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Former president Donald Trump plans to address United Auto Workers members in lieu of joining the second Republican primary debate.Former president and current GOP candidate Donald Trump plans to address United Auto Workers members in lieu of joining his fellow Republican candidates at the upcoming primary debate on September 27. The news, which appeared first in the New York Times, comes as the United Auto Workers union threatens to expand its strike against Detroit automakers if they fail to budge on demands in the coming days. Read More

The United Auto Workers union has threatened to expand the scope of its strike if no headway is made in negotiations with Detroit automakers.

The United Auto Workers union has threatened to expand the scope of its ongoing strike if no headway is made in contract negotiations with Detroit automakers before Friday, September 22. In a video statement, United Auto Workers president Shawn Fain warned Stellantis, Ford and General Motors executives that “serious progress” would need to occur in the coming days to avert additional employee walkouts. Read More

The Detroit 3 is adamant that giving in to the UAW's requests for pay raises and shorter work weeks would be disastrous for their labor costsAfter months of negotiations with Ford, GM, and  Stellantis over new worker contracts, the UAW began its first wave of targeted strikes last week. The Detroit 3 are adamant that giving in to the union’s requests for 40% pay raises and shorter work weeks would be disastrous for their labor expenditures. Only three final assembly factories in Michigan, Ohio, and Missouri have seen the UAW strike thus far. Read More

The Rick Case Automotive Group represented all South Florida Hyundai dealerships when the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital Foundation and Anne Schaefer, M.D., pediatric hematologist and oncologist, received a $100,000 Hyundai Impact Award from Hyundai Hope On Wheels and the South Florida Hyundai Dealers Association. As part of the ceremony, pediatric cancer patients and survivors decorated a Hyundai SUV by painting their hands and leaving their handprints. Read More

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It's time to revamp your sales team's performance and drive your dealership sales to new heights. Act now to invest in their training.Drive your dealership sales to new heights: The power of ongoing training
Talk with any sales manager, and they’ll say that a dealership sales success is built on the foundation of its sales department. And it’s tough to disagree with that. Often, the salesperson is the first voice of the dealership and will make or break anything that comes after that contact. So, with the industry changing and transitioning to EVs and a more online-focused relationship, dealership salespeople should stay sharp and up to date with industry developments, trends, and customer preferences. Read More

TN dealerships sold after owners' passings, Vernon Krause acquires Sutherlin Hyundai, and Zeigler Automotive secures two Subaru stores.

Four dealerships sell in Tennessee, Zeigler Automotive purchases two Subaru stores
In the ever-changing world of car sales, dealership mergers and acquisitions aren’t just business as usual—they’re game changers. Driven by shifts in market demands, generational legacies, and the simple desire to grow, these deals can turn the page on a dealership’s story or start a brand new chapter. Below, are some buy-sell deals from the past few weeks. Four dealerships in Kingsport, Tennessee have been sold by the estates of John King, Sam Anderson, and Bill Gatton. Read More

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