Rivian stock prices hit new low, Tesla faces race-bias trail, new UAW president elected

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Digital retail technologyHow technology is changing auto dealership recruiting and retailing strategies Technology and the global pandemic have accelerated much of today’s customer and employee expectations. Today on Inside Automotive, we’re pleased to welcome back Adam Arens, President of Patriot Automotive Group, to share how he’s continued to adapt in today’s market and land his stores on the list of best dealerships to work for. Watch the complete segment here.

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RivianEarlier this month, Rivian shares traded as low as $13.03, even as other electric vehicle brands such as Polestar and Tesla have made significant gains since the start of the year. The automaker has a current market cap of approximately $12.7 billion, 3.1 times its predicted sales total. Read More

Tesla lawsuitA trial to decide how much money Tesla must pay to a Black elevator operator who was found by a jury to have experienced severe racial discrimination while working at the electric automaker’s flagship assembly plant began in federal court in San Francisco. Read More

technologyPublic attention was drawn to the $1 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act in late 2021 because it provided financing for a flurry of EV charging facilities. A requirement for new technology that has nothing to do with EVs was also concealed farther inside. Read More

UAW president Fain

The United Auto Works union (UAW) has voted for a new President in the organization’s first direct election. The election arrives some years after the end of a federal corruption probe, which resulted in a civil settlement and multiple convictions for union leaders and OEM executives. It also marks the first time general members were allowed to cast ballots. Read More

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How conversational AI is transforming fixed ops communications
The automotive industry remains vulnerable to economic uncertainty and cyclicality in demand due to reduced consumer purchasing power. While per-unit profitability is now almost double pre-pandemic levels and inventory levels are stabilizing, sales volume continues to fluctuate. Read More

Dealership sales manager focuses on crafting leadership development skillsHow to bridge the gap between sales management and leadership development
Today, sales managers usually have two roles. First, they have to manage and administer the sales team. Second, they are also expected to demonstrate outstanding leadership skills and guide the overall success of the sales team. Read More

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Jaelyn Campbell
Jaelyn Campbell
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